Live Webinar: The Secrets to RFP Success for Legal Departments

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Finding Fractional Success: Benefits for Attorneys and Legal Departments

Date: Thursday, August 8
Time: 12:00 PM ET
Location: Zoom

Why would a successful Big Law or corporate in-house lawyer go solo or start their own small firm? Why would an in-house legal department choose a fractional GC for an important project? To some, the answers to these questions are obvious, but to many in the in-house community, it’s not as clear why attorneys are taking on the risk (and sacrificing some of the prestige) that comes along with going solo.

In this webinar, you’ll learn the answers to the questions above. We’re hosting a conversation with two attorneys with Big Law and in-house experience who have gone solo and found success working with corporate legal departments.

They’ll share their perspectives on starting fractional GC practices, including what motivated them to branch out, how they apply the skills they learned in their former roles to their firms, the trends they’re seeing in outside counsel hiring and more. Register to learn:

  • What working as a fractional GC looks like — the personal and business challenges and successes
  • Market conditions and trends and why many attorneys are choosing this path
  • The reasons corporate legal departments are partnering with fractional GCs, including increased value, cost savings, and diversity
  • The role community and building a network plays in success as a fractional GC


  • Kristina Agassi, Executive Director, Atrix Advisory LLC
  • Lynden Renwick, Esq., Managing Partner, Out-House Attorneys, LLC
  • Matt Wheatley, VP of Client Strategy, Priori (Moderator)

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